must read moral stories for kids

But first, what does a moral story mean? A moral story is a story that helps you learn an important life lesson.

Children enjoy stories with morals and learn important life lessons from them, such as how to deal with rejection, how to deal with fear, etc. Research has often shown that young children learn moral reasoning from stories and what they are told when they are young.

The best part is that reading moral stories at an early age not only helps your child learn important life lessons, but it also helps with language development. Here’s a list of moral stories for kids to help you get started on that journey!

Inspirational Moral Stories | Moral Stories from around the world

1) The Golden Touch of Midas

Once upon a time, there was a Greek King, Midas.
He was very rich and had lots of Gold. He had a daughter, who he loved a lot.
One day, Midas found an angel in need of help. He helped her and in return she agreed to grant a wish.
Midas wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. His wish was granted
On his way home, he touched rocks and plants and they turned into gold.
As he reached home, in excitement he hugged his daughter, who turned into gold.
Midas was devastated and he had learnt his lesson. Upon learning his lesson, Midas asked the angel to take his wish away.

2) The Tortoise and the Hare

This is a very popular story about the hare and the tortoise. The hare is an animal that can move fast, while the tortoise can move slowly.

One day, the hare challenged the tortoise to a contest to prove that he was the best. The turtle agreed. When the race began, the rabbit moved forward easily.

After noticing that the turtle is far behind. The overconfident rabbit decided to sleep. At the same time, the turtle, extremely determined and dedicated to the race, slowly approached the finish line.

The tortoise won the race when the hare fell asleep. Most importantly, he did it humbly and without arrogance.

Moral of the story
When you work hard and persevere, you can achieve your goals. Slow and steady wins the race.

3) The Boy who cried wolf

A farmer asked his son to take their herd of sheep grazing every day.
While the boy watched over the sheep, he got bored and decided to have some fun.
So, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!”. Upon hearing this the villagers ran to help him chase the Wolf away.
As they reached him, they realized that there was no Wolf and he was just kidding. The villagers were furious and they yelled at the boy for creating chaos and panic.
On the next day and the boy shouted “Wolf!” again and once again the villagers came to help him and saw that there was no wolf. This made them very angry again.
On the same day, the boy saw an actual Wolf that has terrorizing the sheep. The boy cried “Wolf! Wolf! please help me” and no villagers showed up as they believed that the boy was joking again.

Moral of the story
Don’t play with people’s trust, when it matters the most, they won’t believe you.

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